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Transform Your Home and Garden with LED Outdoor Residential Accent Lighting


Outdoor Residential Accent Lighting


When you go to a concert or a play, lighting is one of the essential production elements. Lighting can conjure emotion, draw attention, or add atmosphere. Yet when we are thinking about creating an impression with the exterior of our homes, the idea of lighting is often neglected. We consider paint and trim colours, garden landscaping, special features, but neglect to think about the effect that lighting can have. However, new and innovative ways to light your home’s exterior are helping to remind us of how important light can be.


LED Strip Lighting


One of the most popular types of residential accent lighting is the strip lighting system. With easy smart controls, this durable and energy-efficient type of lighting provides maximum beauty and versatility. Professional installers place strips of low-voltage but brilliant and long-lasting LEDs on rooflines, gables, and eaves. This strip lighting creates a dramatic and elegant silhouette of your home when lit, but is virtually invisible when the lights are turned off.


The strip lighting can be controlled either with a remote or with your smartphone, by installing a very easy-to-use app. Choose from thousands of colours on the colour wheel, then select patterning for the lights. The app can also modify the intensity of the lights and the speed of the patterning.


You can choose something simple and elegant such as a single colour that illuminates the front of your home. Or you can opt for a showy light display! Excited about the playoffs, you can try flashing team colours that show your support for your favourite NHLers. Feel the Luck of the Irish! Light your home in emerald green in honour of St. Patrick’s Day Celebrate Canada Day with the red and white of our maple leaf flag. And of course, if you usually decorate for Christmas, permanent LED strip lights can make that process a joy rather than a dangerous chore involving ladders and extension cords. Change the colour and pattern with a touch, and provide a holiday light show for the neighbourhood.


You will find many occasions to celebrate with permanent LED strip lights. Welcome relatives to family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and homecomings. Or celebrate holidays such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day with themed colours. Displaying team spirit or celebrating community events like Pride can also be fun!


Highlighting Special Features


In addition to strip lighting, you can purchase spotlights for your home and garden that accentuate unique architectural features. Do you have an antique door, or a stained-glass window that deserve to be highlighted? A cupola, a widow’s walk, or other detail that deserves attention? A spotlight can serve to make that feature a focus of attention.


In the yard or garden, highlight a perfect spot for illumination – a gazebo can become a magical, romantic garden destination. A flower bed can glow with warm light. A pathway can be lined with glowing colours, providing both visual interest and safety.


Consider how vibrant and colourful lighting could make your home dazzle the eyes. Call a professional LED lighting company in the GTA today, and learn more about transforming your home and yard with light.